Zola Discounts Hachette Ebooks as Conflict With Amazon Escalates

Hachette’s conflict with Amazon took on a new dimension late this week as the online retailer removed buy buttons from many of the publisher’s titles that were available for pre-order, and at least one retailer competitor is doing something about it.

Zola Books, a New York-based start-up launched by former literary agent Joe Regal and funded by a hodge podge of authors and other angels, is now offering 30% off on all Hachette ebooks.

A quick search on Zola and Amazon reveals that indeed the upstart ebook retailer is undercutting Amazon on price on Hachette titles (Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace is $6.99 at Zola and $9.99 at Amazon). Usually, Amazon is the place to find the lowest price on all ebooks; not today. However, some of the titles Zola lists on its Hachette 30% discount page are still cheaper at Amazon (The Goldfinch is $10.49 at Zola and $7.50 at Amazon).

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2 thoughts on “Zola Discounts Hachette Ebooks as Conflict With Amazon Escalates

  1. Bob

    Hat tip to Zola Books for standing up for authors and readers. More retailers — in the book publishing field and elsewhere — should start to figure out ways to compete with Amazon before its too late.

  2. Michael W. Perry

    Those at websites and blogs might want to help Hachette in this dispute. Review its books to draw attention to them and link to book retailers such as Zola that are selling them hindered. It’d be great if their sales actually went up during the squabble.



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