World Cup and Ebooks

shutterstock_170173562What does the World Cup have to do with ebooks?

Well, there’s been no shortage of news in the industry since the worldwide soccer tournament started in Brazil last month (see: Amazon-Hachette; HarperCollins selling direct; et al). The game’s connection to these events is…dubious at best (read: there is none).

But international ebook retailer Kobo did notice that the World Cup did affect ebook buying and reading in soccer-crazed countries. Before the tournament, purchases and reads of books about the sport nearly doubled. During the tournament, however, reading and buying dropped to below-normal levels as fans likely moved to watching the games and same-day analysis.


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Richard Russo Writes Open Letter on Amazon (Pub Lunch)
The literary author explains why he thinks Amazon’s 100% royalty offer is bad for authors and implores Jeff Bezos to declare that books are different than everything else Amazon sells.

Colbert’s Lepucki Book Gambit Pays Off (Business Insider)
A month ago, Stephen Colbert slammed Amazon on his nightly news parody show, explaining to viewers, more or less and with his usual exaggerations, the Amazon-Hachette dispute. During the segment, he plugged a particular Hachette title, California by Edan Lepucki, and claimed he could sell more of the titles than Amazon could. A month later, he might be proved right. Sales are booming.

Federal Trade Commission Sues Amazon (Pub Lunch)
The regulator is alleging that Amazon knew that there were flaws in the way children were able to make in-app purchases and let the problems persist until 2014.

Simon & Schuster Goes Army (DBW)
The big publisher has partnered with the Army’s Military Academy for a series of books on military history.

Australian Author Services Start-up Gets Funded (Business Insider)
Tablo, which aims to charge authors for editing, publishing and distribution tools, has raised $400,000.

Disney Enters Kids Ebook Portal Fray (PW)
Joining FarFaria, Epic! and others, Disney Publishing has launched Story Central with 100 ebooks to start. Children can read and download the books via token system that gives parent more control.

HarperCollins Doesn’t Back Down in Open Road Case (PW)
The publisher isn’t backing down in its $1.1 million ask for damages and legal fees of Open Road Media.

Publishers, authors and agents should all be more familiar with data sources in publishing and how to use them to make decisions.


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