Winner: Penguin Random House or HarperCollins?

shutterstock_184329806In one way of looking at it, Penguin Random House had the best first quarter publishing ebooks, logging 122 ebook best-sellers in three months.

But it had no No. 1 best-sellers. Mostly because ten out of the twelve No. 1 best-sellers in that period were published by HarperCollins (all Divergent by Veronica Roth).

So, which ebook publisher is really No. 1? Because we don’t have the actual sales of ebook titles between the two publishers, we can’t really say.

Much more, including Amazon Publishing’s success.

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Amazon Publishing Hits No. 1 Again (DBW)
Amazon Publishing has now done something no other publisher but HarperCollins has done in 2014: Have two No. 1 ebook best-sellers. Also, the average price of a best-selling ebook jumped by nearly a dollar. More.

Using Data, Consumer Insights and Efficiency in Book Marketing (DBW)
When it comes to using data and consumer insights to improve their marketing efforts, publishers often get it wrong. They should get more efficient when it comes to their front-office operations.

Experts Answer Key Questions on Social Media Marketing (DBW)
Recently, we held a webcast about social media marketing. The many attendees had a deluge of questions at the end for the presenters. We didn’t get to them all in the session; the answers are in a new booklet from DBW.

Blurb Goes to Amazon (DBW)
Illustrated print and ebook self-publishing platform Blurb now will distribute books through Amazon.

Amazon Sales Down With Online Tax (Bloomberg)
From the Obvious Department: Where Amazon collects state sales tax, its sales are taking a hit.

Elsevier Moves to EPUB3 (DBW)
Despite citing difficulties with the EPUB3 format, scientific, technical and medical publishing giant Elsevier is making an investment in it, for the future.

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Will Enhanced Ebooks Ever Take Off? (Futurebook)
According to one UK-based publishing commentator, no. Why? Readers read how they read and the rise of ebooks has only reinforced that notion.

Amazon Smartphone: New Details (The Digital Reader)
One nifty feature is that tilting it will reveal new information on the screen in certain apps, the Kindle app among them.

Aldiko Hits 20 Million Downloads (The Digital Reader)
Ebook reading app Aldiko has been downloaded for Android devices more than Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Just because Readmill disappeared, doesn’t mean all indie reading apps are going away.

Kensington Publisher Retires (PW)
No replacement has yet been announced for Laurie Parkin, who is retiring from her position as vice president and publisher of Kensington Publishing on May 30. She held the job for 15 years.


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