Why Shelf Space Still Matters for Digital Publishers

shelf space book publishers“Publishers have to reverse the trend of decreasing shelf space for books,” urges Steven Zacharius, CEO of Kensington Publishing, naming it as a top priority for 2015.

Physical retail may not be the long-term future of bookselling, but in his view, it will remain a key part of the mix for the foreseeable one.

“I’m not expecting any major changes in 2015,” Zacharius concedes. “I think we’re going to see a continuing flattening of the growth in ebooks and a leveling off of print sales.”

If Zacharius is right, that means one of the biggest challenges for publishers may involve defending familiar territory in the retail landscape at least as much as staking new ground. Until the ebook market shows signs of picking up, publishers will need to perfect that straddling act.


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