Why Self-Published Authors Are in the Amazon-Hachette Fight

shutterstock_156780164Despite it likely being against their best interest, many self-published authors have injected themselves into the Amazon-Hachette contract dispute. Why?

According to one prominent self-published author, it’s a selfless attempt by indie authors to come to the aid of authors everywhere, especially those being ruthlessly exploited by heartless publishers like Hachette. You can decide for yourself whether you like this argument.

Another engages the question more seriously and came up with this explanation.

Much more.

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3 thoughts on “Why Self-Published Authors Are in the Amazon-Hachette Fight

  1. Michael Caldwell

    For an awful lot of the Self Published authorssupporting Amazon, it seems to be in part a chip on their shoulders against \elitist gatekeepers\ who spurned them in the past, combined with naked self interest. Given that, for a lot of them, Amazon is the only game in town they’re desperate to head off any threat of an \Amazon Boycot\ which would neccessarily impact their sales.

    I’m slightly bemused by the fact that the reason that a lot of the self published authors sell as many books as they do is down to the much lower price point at which they opperate compared to more \popular\ traditionally published authors. Surely if those more popular authors’ books are priced at a similarly lower price point, self published authors sales will suffer.

    1. jeff morgan

      for a self-published author and renegade who crossed a border to live in New Mexico and as am I was born when the earth was molten lava, and is still hidden in a cloud pf non-reason – if it so

      try: jeff



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