Why One Prominent Indie Author Is Siding With Hachette

Picture2In book publishing, everyone has an opinion about how things should go. The Amazon-Hachette business dispute might be the best example of this phenomenon.

Authors who do business with Hachette have been vocal in their opinions on the matter, but many authors who do not work with the publisher have also joined the fray. Indie authors in particular have been vociferous in their support of Amazon against Hachette.

While it may appear they don’t have much of a stake in the dispute, one prominent indie author believes they do and, different from many of his peers, hopes to see Hachette come out on top.

Smashwords founder and CEO Mark Coker – and, yes, indie author – thinks indie authors benefit from a Hachette win.

Here’s why.

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Dispute With Hachette Won’t Affect Amazon Business (Trefis.com)
Even if Amazon badly loses in its negotiations with Hachette and other publishers, one analyst believes it won’t affect the company’s overall business.

Amazon Helps Go From E- to P- (Pub Perspectives)
Al Manhal, an Arabic-language educational ebook publisher will be making its texts available in soft-cover through a partnership with Amazon.

A Shifting Publishing Landscape (DBW)
Words to set the table for a discussion on the shifting publishing landscape and the new business opportunities it has surfaced for authors, publishers, retailers and more.

Torstar Approves Harlequin Divestment (Pub Lunch)
Shareholders of Canadian Corporation Torstar have approved its sale of romance book publisher Harlequin to HarperCollins.

Open Road Bundles Sci-Fi Ebooks (DBW)
In partnership with The Humble Bundle, digital publisher Open Road Media is offering nearly $90 in ebooks to readers for a “pay-what-you-want” price.

Wattpad Acquires, Closes Competitor (PW)
Wattpad, the self-described “YouTube for ebooks,” has acquired Red Room, another writers site, and will be closing it down in a matter of days. The company is asking Red Room authors to port their accounts and contents over to Wattpad.

Bulk Book Distributor Launches Ebook Portal (Marketwatch)
Bookpal has launched a new ebook retail and e-reader app that will allow its customers – mostly schools, businesses and government entities – to buy both print and ebooks from it.

Authors in UK Earning Less (Futurebook)
A new survey among UK authors has them making less money this year than last. (You may want to ignore the second and third parts of the article where the DBW author data and the Author Earnings data are, again, severely misinterpreted.)

4 thoughts on “Why One Prominent Indie Author Is Siding With Hachette

  1. Sara Kipo

    “Indie authors in particular have been vociferous in their support of Amazon against Hachette.”

    I’d like to see this substantiated. The DBW snippet in today’s newsletter linked this sentence erroneously to Jeremy Greenfield’s recap post at Forbes (http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeremygreenfield/2014/05/28/he-said-she-said-amazon-and-hachette-trade-public-statements-on-book-dispute/). I see the link has been removed here and the statement is without reference.



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