Why I Think Everyone Should Go to Digital Book World

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Disclaimer: I am clearly biased on this topic since I work for Digital Book World and had a hand in putting together the conference next week, so take the following for what you will. 

As you may have read or heard me say before, I’m a big believer in conferences, in the value of seeing people face-to-face, interacting with them, talking to them and really getting to know them. There isn’t yet an adequate digital substitute for that.

But if all you’re after is human interaction, why not just go to the mall or a bar? Or walk down the city streets?

Because Digital Book World isn’t merely about being social — it’s about your business, your career and the future of book publishing.

At Digital Book World 2014 in New York next week, you’ll learn about the latest in ebook production, rights, pricing, retail strategy, marketing, distribution and so much more. I can tell you from experience that we here at F+W have made critical business decisions following Digital Book World conferences based on things we learned at the conference — decisions that paid off.

At Digital Book World 2014, you will meet interesting publishing industry experts from all around the world. There will be over 100 speakers and over 1,000 attendees from 30 countries. You may just meet your next boss or employee, or someone who can help build your business.

The core issues of digital publishing will be on the table and up for grabs at Digital Book World 2014. A conversation you have with a key vendor or senior executive at a publishing house could alter the course of publishing history. The main-stage presentations give way to hallway conversations, which often lead to real-world change. For instance, there will be at least one start-up funding announcement next week where the two parties (start-up and investor) met at Digital Book World last year.

So, come to DBW for your business: The insights and contacts you’ll make are worth many times the cost of the ticket.

Come for your career: Knowing the latest in what’s going on and being part of the scene at DBW can help you rise up the ranks in your own company — and, who knows, you might meet your next boss.

And come to be a part of history: At the first DBW in 2010, the iPad, which had been announced in California the day of the conference, was all the buzz. This year, with companies preparing tons of announcements, with all the big-name speakers live on stage, with this pivotal moment we’re living through in the history of publishing, the buzz is sure to be even bigger and better.

All throughout the year, when people ask you if you were at DBW when this or that happened, or whether you’ve met vendor A or B, or whether you’re aware of the latest information and trends in critical publishing issues, you can say, “yes, I was there, I know all the players and exactly what you’re talking about.”

See you next week!


Digital Book World 2014


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2 thoughts on “Why I Think Everyone Should Go to Digital Book World

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  2. Joanna Penn

    Hi Jeremy, I would love to go but being in London makes it difficult.
    Any chance DBW could add a virtual ticket which is something many conferences do these days? e.g. social media summit and new media expo etc.
    It seems you have enough tech resource to make this happen and presumably will record the sessions. I’d certainly pay for that, as would others, I’m sure.
    Or is this already available and I’m just missing the signup?
    Thanks, Joanna



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