Who Is Really an Author?

shutterstock_178904063Depends on who you ask.

Professional organizations like the Authors Guild and the Romance Writers of America have fairly strict requirements for what it takes to become a member. Some of those organizations are now adapting their policies to include more authors, specifically self-published authors.

Good E Reader editor-in-chief Michael Kozlowski believes that we should be very careful about who we allow to take the name “author,” arguing that only those who support themselves through their writing should take the name and that all others should go by “writer.”

The idea has the indie author world in an uproar. More.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Hugh Howey “Toxic”? (Good E Reader)
Best-selling self-published author Hugh Howey has become a figurehead of sorts for indie authors – not only is he one of the most successful self-published authors yet, he also has been a consistent advocate that authors should self-publish. But is his message right for all authors?

How to Price a Self-Published Ebook (PW)
Pricing, like all decisions about a book’s publication, should be rooted in goals and data.

Have Ebook Retailers Abandoned the U.S. Ebook Market to Amazon? (Dear Author)
Publishing industry observer Jane Litte asks the question. The answer: Looks like it. And the consequences? Litte says reduced visibility for all books and reduced profitability for authors. We would extend that second one to “rights holders.”

Ebook Adoption Curve Shifting? (EContent)
According to some recent reports, the ebook adoption curve may be shifting slightly. One study has found that about two-thirds of U.S. readers are unlikely to be giving up print books by 2016.

Plaintiffs: No Go for Apple Vs. DOJ Part Two (PW)
In a filing, the plaintiffs in U.S. vs. Apple have asserted that Apple has contested every fact and statement in its losing bid in last summer’s ebook price-fixing trial and shouldn’t get a second shot at it.

More Changes at Penguin Random House (Pub Lunch)
There have been several changes in the Penguin Random House Audio division as the two companies continue to come together.

The Real Deal When It Comes to Scribd and Piracy (The Digital Reader)
There’s some misinformation going around about ebook subscription service Scribd and ebook piracy. One author is saying that it’s easy to download and reproduce the ebooks. It looks like that’s not actually the case.

Faster E-Reading (Tech Times)
A new start-up called Spritz claims that it can help you read e-books and other digital content faster.

Marvel Adds Soundtrack to Digital Comics (The Digital Reader)
According to one digital comic reader, the adaptive sounds set the mood with music and sound effects and “improves upon the original comic.”

2025: Internet Will Be Like “Electricity” (DBW)
The Pew Internet & American Life project has a new report out predicting the future of the Internet to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web (which, as you DBW-reading digirati know, is just a part of the Internet).

What You Didn’t Know About the Web (The Guardian)
To celebrate the milestone, the UK’s Guardian has published a list of 25 things you might not know about the Web.

Webcast: Ebook Typography Best Practices (DBW)
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