Where Traditional and Self-Publishing Converge

train tracksRecent weeks have brought to light the self-publishing community like never before. One of its most successful members, Hugh Howey, has published a report about indie author sales success – a report which has been both praised and criticized, the latter by Digital Book World among others.

Despite the disagreements, there are key facts about the ebook and digital publishing revolution that everyone can agree on.

Here are six for you to contemplate.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Winner-Take-All Vs. the Long Tail (NYTimes)
Digital distribution technologies make it possible for more authors to reach smaller groups of readers, fulfilling the promise of “the long tail.” At the same time, the amplitude unit sales for big successes is getting higher. How do these two concepts resolve? What’s the future for authors and publishers in the digital era? Related: How Common Are Traditional Publishing Horror Stories?


Spreading the Self-Publishing Gospel in India (Hindustan Times)
Amazon’s head of author relations Jon Fine explains the basics of the U.S. ebook and self-publishing revolution to India. The main message: “From an author perspective, the opportunities are just growing.”

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Salon Slams Amazon (Salon)
With a salacious headline and employee anecdotes outlining Amazon’s approach to dealing with its warehouse employees, commentary site Salon.com slams the company hard for what it describes as brutal labor practices. As some of the commenters on the article have pointed out, Salon may not have given readers a full picture of the situation.


Barnes & Noble Shares Bounce at Buyout ‘Offer’ (Pub Lunch)
An unfinanced, non-binding bid for a 51% stake in Barnes & Noble accompanied by a press release had markets buzzing Friday. Aside from being unfinanced, the offer had other issues.


Audiobooks Rising (NYTimes)
Smartphones and digital distribution have helped audiobooks grow faster than ever.


Bringing Ebooks to the Arab World (Zawya.com)
Forward thinking publishers and booksellers are starting to talk seriously about sparking an ebook revolution in the Arabic-speaking world.


New Life for E-Ink? (Good E Reader)
A company has developed a device with an e-ink screen that isn’t just for reading books – it’s also for apps.


Print Grows in Pakistan, Room for Digital? (International Herald Tribune)
With print publishing on the rise in Pakistan, some publishing observers wonder how digital publishing and ebooks will affect the market.


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