2 thoughts on “When Bad Ebook Metadata Is Good…or Not

  1. Thad McIlroy

    This is a really REALLY tough challenge for metadata to fix. You search for a specific title in just the Kindle store and if there’s only one book by that title available as a Kindle ebook, that’s the one that will appear (as was the case before the Stephen King book was available as an ebook).

    The recommendation I make to authors is to check if there are other books with the same (or very similar) title to the one you’re hoping to use. The follow-up advice is: Then don’t use it! It adds a handicap to your book that it just doesn’t need.

    You have to big a bestselling author to ignore the advice.

  2. Claire

    I’d say the way to fix it would be to bring out his own Joyland on Kindle…! The perils of print only publishing?



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