Webcast: Top Three Social Media Marketing Tactics for Publishers and Authors

Join us Wednesday, February 26 at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT for a webcast where you’ll learn how to use social media to drive reader engagement, build communities and author platforms and translate social activity into sales.

How do you get readers talking about books? How do you get them to hear about books in the first place? And once everyone’s talking, how do you turn talk into sales? The constellation of available social platforms is changing and developing all the time. But savvy authors are harnessing their power to form communities for their work, with publishers bringing their own resources to the game.

Social media is no silver bullet to the marketing challenges posed by the digital paradigm, but it does offer powerful tools to authors and publishers who know how to use them.

Join Digital Book World for a discussion with three experts in the field to learn which social media strategies work best today and why.


Attendees Will Learn

–How to build social-media-savvy platforms around authors and content
–Which social media tools to leverage to achieve various marketing objectives
–Strategies for integrating social media into e-commerce platforms and marketing campaigns
–Tools for planning and managing a complex social media campaign
–When to turn to multimedia, when not to, and how to know the difference


Who Should Attend

–Authors concerned with platform-building and branding
–Marketing managers
–Digital strategy directors



Kristin Fassler, director of marketing, Random House
Murray Izenwasser, marketing practice lead, Biztegra
Peter McCarthy, founder, McCarthy Digital



Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director, Digital Book World


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