Webcast: Tailoring Workflows to Digital Content—XML and HTML5+CSS Production for Publishers

Join us Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT for a webcast where you’ll learn how to strategically implement state-of-the-art workflows to optimize your digital production process.

Two cutting-edge digital workflows are reshaping what’s possible in digital production, sourced in three core mark-up languages: XML, CSS and HTML. Optimizing the production process using these new systems can be a challenge.

Join Sanders Kleinfeld and David Wilcockson, both experts in digital content development, for a comparative exploration of XML- and HTML5+CSS-based workflows for publishers and content developers. Gain valuable insights into the relative benefits of the available tools and systems as they relate to the range of content publishers aim to produce. This webcast will take a strategic and practical approach to choosing and implementing digital workflows that optimize publishers’ production process, and subsequently, their business.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to determine which workflow best suits your content
  • Tools for adopting and implementing new workflows seamlessly and successfully
  • Guidelines for setting up an operational framework to support digital workflows
  • Techniques to optimize your content’s performance in an integrated ecosystem

Who Should Attend:

  • Publishers
  • Digital and print operations managers
  • Production and managing editors
  • Digital media professionals and content developers

Sanders Kleinfeld, Director of Publishing Technology, O’Reilly Media
David Wilcockson, Development Director, Librios, Ltd.

Moderator: Rich Bellis, content producer, Digital Book World

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3 thoughts on “Webcast: Tailoring Workflows to Digital Content—XML and HTML5+CSS Production for Publishers

  1. Jeffrey Herzich

    I’ ve been following this since early last fsll, and the advantages of digital first workflow via device independent channels and speed to market publishing. Unfortunately I could not attend the webinar, if you could forward the slides/info. to my email address, would be interested in pursuing further. Thank you. Jeff



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