Webcast: Developing Children’s Apps for Authors and Publishers

Join us Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT for a webcast where you’ll how to stay ahead in the rapidly changing market for children’s apps.

As more “digital natives” come of age and technology grows more sophisticated, the challenges and opportunities for children’s app developers increase tremendously. An expanding marketplace is a competitive one, though, and getting a foothold means learning about your consumer and continually adapting your products and services.

Join Eric Huang of Made in Me, Dean Johnson of Brandwidth Group and Louise Rice of Touch Press for a discussion of the strategies children’s app developers, authors and publishers need to stay dynamic and succeed. This webcast will offer practical, market-driven insights on research and development, utilizing innovations in multimedia and game design, digital marketing and more.

Attendees Will Learn:
– Methods for incorporating insights based on trial and error
– How to market children’s apps effectively in the digital space
– Techniques for creating quality multimedia experiences for children

Who Should Attend:
– Children’s authors and publishers
– App developers
– Marketing professionals specializing in children’s content
– Educators interested in new media

Eric Huang, Development Director, Made in Me
Dean Johnson, SVP, Creative Innovation, Brandwidth Group
Louise Rice, Executive Producer, Touch Press

Moderator: Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World

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