Vook to Provide Publishers and Authors With More

77624v8-max-250x250When it comes to publishing platform providers, the arms race is on. Companies like Vook, Atavist and FastPencil are continuously upgrading their platforms and offerings to attract authors and publishing partners in the expanding marketplace for digital publishing services.

Yesterday, Vook acquired Booklr, a data and analytics start-up based in New York. Booklr’s employees will join Vook and its founder will become Vook’s chief operating officer.

The combined companies will now offer indie authors and its publishing partners, which include companies like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, more analytics and data about their ebook titles.


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The rest of the day’s top news:

Simon & Schuster’s Content Marketing Play (DBW)
Simon & Schuster’s new business books and insights website 250 Words aims to get people thinking, according to the site’s editors, who sat down with DBW for a short Q&A session about the site’s plans and goals.

Apple Wants a Change of Venue (PW)
Apple has filed to have its upcoming damages and civil class action ebook price-fixing trials moved out of New York and to California and Texas, respectively.

Educational E-Reading Taking Off in India Kashmir (KashmirLife.com)
KashmirLife.com claims that ebooks have swiftly become the most popular way for students to study in the region. In the U.S. e-textbooks haven’t yet caught on as much among students even as publishers continue to make more of them.

Inadvertent Innovation (The Scholarly Kitchen)
While some inventions are carefully thought out and are adopted as planned, many popular innovations are accidents – or at least aren’t what they at first seem to be. This is very true in the scholarly publishing world.

New Funding Platform for Serials (PW)
Patreon, a new start-up for serialized crowd-funding (making recurring payments instead of just one payment) could be good for authors who write serially.

Improved E-Ink/LED Screen Smartphone (The Digital Reader)
By the end of 2014, readers in Europe and Asia could be reading ebooks on their e-ink e-readers one minute and then answering calls on them the next.

Patterson Puts Money Where Mouth Is – Should Others Follow? (Pub Perspectives)
Should other successful authors follow best-selling author James Patterson, who is giving away $1 million of his own money to support indie bookstores around the country?

Amazon: Give Paperwhite Sound (The Digital Reader)
One observer calls on Amazon to bring sound to its flagship e-reader as the cost of the technology necessary to do so is low.

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Tomorrow’s social media tactics and tips webcast is shaping up to be one of our most popular of the year. Don’t miss out. Register today.

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