Verso Books Launches E-Commerce Site, Ebook Bundling

[Press Release]

Verso Books – Pioneering in E-Commerce
Launching on April 8th Verso will be selling books and ebooks directly to customers all over the world, through their website – in a way that will shake up how publishers relate to their readership, and help to support independent publishing.

For all new titles and hundreds of recent ones, Verso will bundle the corresponding ebook with every print copy purchased, and offer free postage to anywhere in the world. With each ebook available for instant delivery, over time Verso’s readers will develop a library of books permanently available to them and readable on any device.

Ebooks are provided using the ‘social DRM’ technology developed by Booxtream, which is compatible with all reading devices and software. Each book is visibly and invisibly watermarked with details of the purchaser and license, and can be re-downloaded from the Verso website.

Verso worked closely with developers Fastest Crayon, payment provider Braintree, social DRM publisher Booxtream, and Verso’s distributors – Random House in the US and Marston in the UK – to develop a simple, elegant and powerful interface for choosing, buying and delivering our ebooks and print books. is one of the liveliest publisher websites, with regular author content, videos, competitions, and podcasts, and averages around 65,000 unique visitors per month. They are expecting the site to contribute £200,000 to their revenue in the first year.

Verso’s Managing Director Jacob Stevens said:

“Verso has found a new, radical way of selling books—for the first time, our readers can choose which title to read regardless of format, print or digital. We know that our core readership would like to support radical publishing directly, and we hope that this new approach will benefit our writers, readers, and colleagues across the industry. We look forward to directly connecting with many more of our already fantastically engaged readership, and to building new partnerships with innovative publishers, websites and developers.”


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