UK Publishers Fully Digital

shutterstock_150969149UK publishers have caught up to their U.S. counterparts – and it’s not just the big publishers.

Sure, the largest publishers on both sides of the Atlantic have fancy data teams and consumer insights programs, but smaller publishers in the UK are also doing interesting, very forward-thinking things, like selling books and ebooks directly to consumers and building digital tools they can sell to other publishers.

Their hard work shows. UK readers are just as digital as their U.S. counterparts, with nearly 30% of folks in both countries reading ebooks.

When it comes to leading the way in the ebook revolution, it’s not just the U.S. ahead of the pack anymore.

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Layoffs at Random House Children’s Publishing in UK (The Bookseller)
Some 18 positions will be eliminated at Random House Children’s Publishing in the UK following the merger of Penguin’s and Random House’s UK children’s publishing operations in what is likely the most visible loss of jobs at the two companies following the mega-merger so far.

Libraries: Ebook Progress, But… (DBW)
In its annual report about the state of America’s libraries, the American Library Association touted much progress that has been made in getting the largest publishers to sell ebooks to libraries but some critics still see major issues.

Goldfinch Wins Pulitzer (Pub Lunch)
Donna Tartt’s hit about a missing painting, The Goldfinch, has won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The book was notable to ebook observers because of its extremely low prices. In early December, it was spotted for $1.79 – this for a front-list best-seller.

All About Amazon and Barnes & Noble (Good E Reader)
This week’s episode of the Good E Reader podcast focuses mostly on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and what these two companies are doing to compete in international ebook markets, among self-published authors and in your living room.

Sony’s Latest Misstep (Marketwatch)
According to the investment experts at Marketwatch, Sony made a big mistake with its latest e-reader product, which the website calls excellent in so many ways. The problem? The price. $1,100.

Ebooks for Young Readers (
More research showing that simpler ebooks that promote reading comprehension are better for kids.

Scholastic Goes International With Digital Education (DBW)
The billion-dollar children’s publishing, media and education empire has launched new digital math and literacy programs aimed at international markets.

Amazon Assaults Fortress of Sweden (The Digital Reader)
A confluence of issues has kept the Kindle Store out of Sweden. A new deal the company has made should help the retailer fight back.


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