U.S. No. 1 Territory for Authors to Sell Rights

[Press Release]

Half of authors looking to US for rights sales

Almost half of authors (47%) have highlighted the US as the international territory of choice in which to sell their work as we approach BookExpo America, one of the largest book and author events of the year.

In the latest IPR License Author Index, published and aspiring author members were asked which territory they would like to target in terms of selling the rights and licensing to their work.

At 47% the US polled as the most attractive marketplace for international authors, followed by Australia (18%), China (13%), Eastern Europe (10%) Brazil (7%) and Spain (5%).
IPR License is the platform for authors and publishers to list and license literary rights. The platform offers the opportunity to monetise or find the best new content in a global marketplace. It also acts as a copyright hub making it easier to locate copyright holders to clear permission for use of their work.

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director at IPR License, commented:
“The US has long been considered the market to break into by authors and publishers due to its sheer size and scale. This is clearly still evident from the results of our latest Author Index and the clamour from author members to appear in the upcoming IPR Rights Magazine for BookExpo America.

“What’s also interesting is that territories such as China, Brazil and Eastern Europe have been cited as areas of interest for rights and licensing as these may have been deemed unrealistic markets of choice only a few years ago. There is a growing awareness from both publishers and authors of the huge potential in licensing for reaching markets across the world.”


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