Txtr Launches EPUB3 Reader for iOS Using Readium SDK

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txtr first to launch EPUB 3 reader for iOS 7 with Readium SDK

A new range of illustrated books such as comics, cookbooks, children’s books and interactive books become available for parents and their kids.

txtr, the leading independent e-reading platform today launched an EPUB 3 and EPUB Fixed-Layout compatible reading app for iOS 7 based on the Readium SDK. Over the past nine months, txtr has been a key contributing member to the Readium Foundation, an independent open source consortium developing software to advance adoption of EPUB and the Open Web Platform for publishing. txtr has now integrated the Readium EPUB rendering engine into its native iOS reading app
and is the first platform to enable third parties to offer, under their own brand, EPUB 3 and EPUB Fixed-Layout ebooks to their customers.

txtr is currently also integrating the Readium SDK in its Android and Windows 8 apps. Web reading will be enabled during the second half of 2014. Ulf Stahrenberg, COO of txtr, says: “Our aim is to offer the best e-reading experience across multiple platforms. With the EPUB 3 support we are expanding the range of content that readers can enjoy with their txtr app. Parents and their kids will have fun with
animated children’s books that bring stories to life, or with read-along ebooks that allow young readers to follow the text word by word while listening to an audio track.”

In order to give readers a taste of the new reading experience awaiting them with EPUB 3 ebooks, the new txtr iOS app comes with a free sample of the interactive children’s book Jemima the Spy by Melanie Hamm and Lawrence Chase courtesy of the Octopus Publishing Group.

Anne-Sophie Lanier, VP Content of at txtr, adds: “With the integration of the Readium SDK, we will be able to expand the range of titles included in the txtr ebook catalogue. Support for EPUB Fixed-Layout in particular opens up access to a variety of new ebook genres such as comics, mangas, illustrated children’s books, cookbooks and more. As we extend our DRM support and as publishers develop more enhanced ebooks, we expect to provide even better entertainment to our users worldwide.”

The newly released iOS 7 application also includes several enhancements to the txtr feed introduced last October.

The Octopus Publishing Group is a division of Hachette UK www.hachette.co.uk.

To download the app, please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/app/txtr-ebooks/id564715781?mt=8

About txtr:
txtr is a leading European ebook retailer and e-reading solutions provider. The txtr
international ebook catalog has over 1.5 million commercial titles. With ebooks in 9 languages, in the standard ePub 2, ePub 3 and PDF formats, txtr is aiming to make e-reading accessible for all. txtr supports e-reading for iOS, Android and Windows 8, PC and Mac. Learn more about the txtr e-reading platform at http://de.txtr.com/e-reading_solutions_company


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