Two-Thirds of Kids Now Reading Digitally, New Study Shows

When it comes to digital reading, kids are way ahead of adults.

According to a new study from children’s entertainment research and consulting group PlayCollective and Digital Book World, 67% of U.S. children aged two-to-thirteen are now reading ebooks. That’s up from 54%, the number recorded in a similar study from last year.

“In the last year, based on this research, the kids e-reading and reached and passed a tipping point,” said Paul Levine, co-CEO of PlayCollective. “This is becoming a normal part of their lives and becoming habitual.”

frequency of e-reading


Some 92% of the kids who do read ebooks read them at least once a week, with many of them reading ebooks every day.

frequency of reading ebooks by age

The study is based on a survey of nearly 900 parents with children conducted online in October 2013.

PlayCollective attributes much of the increase in e-reading over the past year to increased digital reading in schools, citing that the gains “may be due to the increase in schools purchasing tablets for students, meaning more children this year are likely completing their school reading assignments digitally.”

The full study, including data on how parents buy ebooks for their children, how much they spend, and more is available here.

“Now the data is clearly showing that there is really a market there,” said Levine. “Parents see the value in ebooks and are willing to pay for them. The market is ripe for innovation so it’s really important for publishers to digest the information in this report.”

Many of the results of the study were presented at Launch Kids at Digital Book World in New York.



18 thoughts on “Two-Thirds of Kids Now Reading Digitally, New Study Shows

  1. Brian M. Gilb

    Interesting to see how fast digital means of reading is taking the younger generation. I am interested to see what the long term affects of this will be as this generation moves into high school and college.

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  9. Esther Campbell

    I believe there is no substitute for seeing a child of the preschool age holding a printed book and reading it for the first time, being able to turn back to the previous page and look at the colorful pictures again, then race to the end to see what happened.

    Tto this end I am writing children’s books.

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  15. Philip Wark

    Interesting that this survey consisted of replies by only 900 children online. By definition this group of children are more likely to be reading ebooks and information online

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  17. Arup B

    This is something that had to happen. And once more and more people get online with all sorts of devices viz. the fridge, tv, wristwatch we will see a proliferation of content that is not just some pretty pictures but objects that help in learning… For example, a wristwatch / similar gadget can stream Geography lessons in a novel way during the important days of the year like Summer / Winter Solstice, Euinox days, etc … and based on location of the gadget it may stream relevant info about that area – so when in Spain – it would list out some interesting aspects of that country and so on … same with other subjects as well…. This makes a whole lot of sense to me …

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