Top Ebook Publishers of 2014

shutterstock_192030923With thousands of employees and some of the best authors signed on, it’s no surprise that Penguin Random House published more ebook best-sellers in the first half than any other house.

What might be more of a shock is that another publisher joined PRH in dominance and combined with it to publish nearly two-thirds of the ebook best-sellers so far in 2014. It’s becoming fair to ask whether there are a “big two” within publishing’s “big five.”

Meanwhile, there were plenty of best-sellers published by companies not among the world’s largest.

Much more.

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Guardian on Grandinetti (DBW)
According to the UK’s Guardian, Amazon senior vice president and head of Kindle Russ Grandinetti is possibly the most important person in publishing. Read the Guardian’s full profile here.

Buy Now! (Digiday)
For a brief moment over the weekend, buttons to buy books at Amazon appeared in line with an article on the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post website. The buttons were quickly removed and it was all a mistake, said a spokesperson for the newspaper.

When Emotions Get in the Way (The Globe and Mail)
According to one editorial, publishers may be letting their emotions get in the way when it comes to fighting lower ebook prices.

Cheap Books Bad for Reading? (The Scotsman)
Cheap books may not be better for readers in the long run, argues one columnist.
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German Authors Attack Not Amazon But What It Does (NYT)
A group of German authors are following the lead of Authors United and going public with their grievances against Amazon, claiming the company doesn’t understand German literary culture. The group also claimed it wasn’t attacking Amazon, per se, just what it does.

Start-up Ebook Retailers Going to Mediation (PW)
Several start-up booksellers have sued Amazon and five of the largest publishers in the world, citing that the 2010 ebook price-fixing they engaged in stymied their ability to compete. A judge has ruled they go to mediation, acknowledging that the plaintiffs had a case but that it would be very hard to prove damages.

Kobo: Happy With Sony Customers (Good E Reader)
While not all customers were happy with Sony’s transition to Kobo in North America, Kobo is happy to have the new readers, according to Kobo president and chief content officer Michael Tamblyn.


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