‘The Silkworm’ Ebook Sales Tanked by Amazon-Hachette Dispute

TheSilkwormThe ongoing dispute between Amazon and Hachette over the terms of their distribution contract has taken a major toll on sales of one of the publisher’s top titles: The Silkworm, written by J.K. under pen name Robert Galbraith.

The book made it to No. 30 on our Ebook Best-Seller List upon its release last week. But excluding Kindle sales from the tally of ebook retailers, The Silkworm would otherwise have shot up to No. 6.

That’s because the ebook edition was unavailable on Amazon until mid-morning on Thursday, June 19th, the day of its release. It’s widely understood that pre-ordering is strongly correlated to the performance of best-selling ebooks. And a case like this just serves to demonstrate how much power Amazon can exert when it wishes to.

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