The Rules of the Amazon Universe

shutterstock_175315058For authors who take full advantage of its publishing ecosystem, Amazon can be very lucrative.
The company believes the same can be true for its other suppliers–publishers–as long as they play by its rules, too.

David Streitfeld of the New York Times takes a close look at Amazon’s calculus, both in terms of its contract standoff with Hachette and as well as the company’s long-game for the future of publishing.

Much more.

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UK Author Society: Traditional Publishing Model Is Unsustainable (Guardian)
The head of a 9,000-member author organization says the way publishers compensate authors “is no longer fair or sustainable.”

Authors Call Amazon’s Royalty Offer Disingenuous (Pub Lunch)
Following up comments by the Authors Guild, Publishers Lunch’s Michael Cader reflects on why authors have reason to doubt Amazon’s sincerity.

Amazon Snubs French ‘No Free Shipping’ Law (DBW)
Turning up its nose at the recent ban, the e-tailer sets shipping costs for French customers at a negligible one centime, or US$0.014.

EU Opens Review of Germany’s Amazon Complaint (Businessweek)
German antitrust authorities are already reviewing booksellers’ claims, and now the European Commission confirms that Amazon’s business practices are officially on its radar, too.

Amazon Takes Aim at Dropbox (Silicon Angle)
The company launches its own cloud storage platform, Zocalo, a system without groundbreaking features but priced competitively against Dropbox and Box.

The Cutting Edge of Digital Publishing (DBW)
In a free webcast tomorrow, Digital Book Award judges and publishing experts lead a tour of the current landscape for innovative digital books. Register here.

The Costs and Benefits of Publishers Going Direct (PW)
With HarperCollins opening up its website to direct-to-consumer retail, publishers are looking afresh at their digital sales strategies.

Frankfurt Book Fair Offers Free Global Report (Pub Perspectives)
The organization’s new Business Club releases an analysis of international trends in several facets of the publishing industry.

Supporting Indie Authors (DBW)
Renewed conversation last week on the way indie authors’ earnings are measured led Digital Book World to release a free press preview of the 2014 Author Survey. Download your own copy here.

Bookstore Publishing Matures (PW)
Many bookstores are experimenting successfully with a handful of new self-publishing models.

Recycling Ebooks (Silicon Florist)
The start-up iFlipd aims to make it easier to share rented ebooks. It also gives readers any ebook they rent often enough to purchase.


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