The New Trend in Ebook Prices

shutterstock_114257095After a year-and-a-half of declines, the average price of a top-25 best-selling ebook is rising again.

The reason isn’t that retailers are necessarily pricing ebooks higher (though Amazon’s dispute with Hachette has resulted in some higher ebook best-seller prices) – it’s mostly a change in the way Digital Book World has been measuring best-sellers.

Nonetheless, when it comes to what many consumers are paying for buy-one, get-one ebooks at retail, prices have been going up.

More (charts).

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Bezos’s Big Customer Gamble (Businessweek)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is betting big that the country’s largest retailer won’t lose customers as it fights content suppliers like Hachette and Disney over margins.

Colbert-Effect Amplified (USA Today)
In a USA Today blurb about Stephan Eirik Clark’s upcoming Sweetness #9 (Hachette), the newspaper wrote that readers should be interested in the book because it was mentioned on the Colbert Report.
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Orwell Estate Responds to Amazon (The Guardian)
George Orwell’s estate isn’t happy with Amazon’s use of the author’s words in its latest letter on its dispute with Hachette.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Grows (DBW)
Revenues and profits were up at educational and trade publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt even as its trade business had a relatively soft quarter.

More Parity for Self-Published Authors (Good E Reader)
It used to be that only traditional publishers could set up pre-orders for their upcoming titles. No more. Kindle Direct Publishing authors can do it now, too.

Atria Lays Off Editorial Staff (Pub Lunch)
Several editorial staffers were laid off from Simon & Schuster’s Atria imprint.
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Ebooks Growing in Netherlands (The Digital Reader)
Ebooks now represent 6% of the market in the Netherlands in the second quarter, up from 5% in the first quarter. Sales of paper books sagged.

German Authors Follow U.S. Authors’ Lead (The Digital Reader)
A group of German authors is about to publish a letter criticizing Amazon, following the lead of the new Authors United group.

Ebooks and Developing Markets (
As major ebook players look to crack developing markets, they’ll need to provide more than they do today, writes one emerging market entrepreneur.
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