The How and Why of Browser-Based Ebooks

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 5.32.02 PMIf the dedicated e-reader is on its way to becoming an artifact of e-reading’s past, the web browser is emerging as a key to its future.

Web browsers are available on virtually every device that connects to the Internet, including smartphones, which are booming worldwide.

And as publishers look to shore up and grow their distribution channels, many are beginning to recognize how web browsers can serve as flexible, direct-to-consumer e-reading platforms.

But for publishers to take full advantage of web-based ebook publishing, there’s a handful of technical and related challenges they’ll need to confront.

Much more.

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Amazon Shares Slide as Earnings Disappoint (Pub Lunch)
Sales grew 20% in the third quarter at the e-tailer, but the company’s net loss of $0.95 a share was considerably higher than anticipated (about $0.74), causing shares to drop precipitously.

Buy a Fire Phone, Get a Cheap Tablet (The Digital Reader)
If September’s $0.99 Fire Phone deal boded poorly for the device’s success, this latest offer isn’t any more encouraging. Amazon is now bunding the Fire Phone with a $49 Fire HDX tablet, which usually retails on its own for $179.

After Outcry, Adobe Improves Privacy (DBW)
A software update to Adobe Digital Editions ends the clear-text transmission of user data, an issue that was roundly decried as a privacy breach when Adobe confirmed its data gathering program earlier this month. The company has also made relevant parts of its privacy policy more explicit.

Revenues Down at Bloomsbury (Pub Lunch)
Bloomsbury reports revenues are down 5% in the first half of 2014, citing unusually strong results in the first half of the previous year. Adult trade sales were down while the publisher’s other divisions reported growth.

Kobo Adds More Customization (The Digital Reader)
A firmware update significantly widens the array of features users can select to incorporate into their e-reading experience–or leave out of it. Upgraded keyboards, page-turn functionality and reading progress meters all receive improvements.

How Not to Innovate: Four Rules of Thumb (Pub Perspectives)
According to two industry insiders, digital publishing doesn’t require scrapping the book business’s core practices. Here are four areas of traditional publishing that can guide, rather than move aside to make room for, future innovation.
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Nature Publishing Group Goes Open Access (Research Information)
NPG joins the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, a trade group for academic publishers committed to widening open access.

“Where Are They Now?” Amazon Edition (Business Insider)
Before Amazon was the global force it is today, it was like any number of other ambitious start-ups: just a few dozen employees working out of an office in Seattle. Here’s what nineteen of them have been up to since the company’s early days.


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