The Fussy Librarian Wants to Help You Find Your Next Book

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The Fussy Librarian is the first website to match readers not only with the genre of books they like, but also their preferences about content. It already has more than 12,000 subscribers since launching last fall.

While other sites just send out a list of books, The Fussy Librarian delivers “matches” that pair up readers with novels they’ll love. It’s like a dating site for bookworms! (Sexy, right?) And users to receive free daily suggestions.

Only read mysteries without profanity, violence and sex? The Fussy Librarian will tell you only about cozy mysteries. Read just memoirs and gory horror novels? No problem.

Readers choose from 40 genres, including 7 kinds of romance and 7 types of mysteries. They select preferences for profanity, violence and sexual content. Then, each morning, the computer examines each subscriber’s choices, finds books that match what they want, and generates a personalized email for them.

Founder and “Head Librarian” Jeffrey Bruner got the idea after chatting with his mom, who told him she was on the library waiting list to read a book all of her friends had been talking about.

“What’s that?” Bruner asked.
“It’s called Fifty Shades of Grey,” she said.
“No, mom. I don’t think you’ll enjoy that,” he said. “It’s porn.”

Bruner isn’t against senior citizens reading sexually explicit material, mind you, he just knew his mom wouldn’t enjoy the novel–which got him thinking about how great it would be if books had a rating system like movies, and how no one was doing that.

Seizing the opportunity as quickly as he could, Bruner met with developers in August and launched the site on Oct. 16, 2013.


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