Setting the Record Straight on Author Data

shutterstock_166211738The debate about what conclusions can and can’t be drawn from the Author Earnings report continues apace, with Hugh Howey defending several of his recommendations based on that data.

Howey largely dismissed the analysis Dana Beth Weinberg offered last week and made a handful of assertions not just about his own research but about the 2014 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey as well.

The trouble is, many of them aren’t substantiated by the numbers in either study. Here are ten of them, with commentary explaining why.

Much more.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Six More Author Earnings Issues (Dear Author)
Another expert takes a close look at the data and raises serious questions about the report’s methodology and ways of interpreting it.

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Ebook Market Is Stubbornly Flat (Pub Lunch)
Michael Cader looks closely at the available ebook numbers and concludes self-publishing isn’t yet powerful enough to stimulate a currently stalled market.

Children’s Audio Books Get Subscription Model (Good E Reader)
Tales2Go launches a subscription service for kids’ audiobooks, continuing the trend in the ebook market that’s been courting young readers lately.

Related: Time for Ebook Subscriptions for Children’s Titles

E-Reading Keeps Rising (Good E Reader)
The number of American adults reading ebooks jumped 23% to 28% in the past year, with 4% of those reading ebooks exclusively.

Report Bets on Tablet Ubiquity (Good E Reader)
One recent study has tablets comprising three-quarters of the mobile device market by 2017, thanks to improving technology and affordability.

Kobo Parent Company Continues Buying Spree (4Hoteliers)
Rakuten, which bought Kobo in 2011, acquires a mobile messaging and calling app as part of an ambitious push into other digital markets.

Related: Rakuten Replaces Kobo Chief Executive Mike Serbinis With Takahito Aiki

Android Booms in the U.K. (Ebook Magazine)
The system saw a 307% increase in WiFi traffic after the holidays since the same period the previous year, compared with Apple’s 106% boost. Is the Kindle Fire hot on the iPad’s heels?

Web Platform Streamlines Cloud Publishing (Good E Reader)
Aquafadas launches a system that aims to eliminate complicated file format conversions with browser-based upload and export functions.

Amazon Isn’t Killing Publishing (Yahoo! Finance)
One commentator looks at the figures and concludes the e-tailer and a growing ebook market are both supporting the book industry without getting proper credit for it.

Will Amazon Revolutionize Screen Technology? (The Digital Reader)
Recent hirings indicate a renewed push to develop electrowetting display technology, which could replace the LCD screens used in Kindles and other devices.

Nook Touch Laid to Rest (The Digital Reader)
Barnes & Noble appears to have driven the final nail into the version’s coffin, likely surrendering the company’s stake in the budget-conscious end of the e-reader market.

Efforts Widen to Boost Ebooks in India (Zee News)
Recent remarks by publishing executives and the National Book Trust’s planned foray into digital publishing both suggest a growing focus on expanding India’s ebook market.

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