Surviving the Digital Transition

shutterstock_197751560Publishers large and small have found ways to survive and thrive through the transition from a print, business-to-business industry to a hybrid industry where publishers talk to both consumers and businesses.

They need to be savvier than ever with their authors, too, who now have the option of self-publishing and reaching wide audiences without publishers – even if they don’t reach print audiences nearly as much.

The latest swell in the choppy seas of publishing is being generated by Amazon, which is exerting its market power to extract better trading terms with partners across industries.

So, how do you deal with all of this turbulence? Here’s how.

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Penguin Random House Dominates (DBW)
The big publisher had over half the ebook best-sellers this week, including the top four books and seven of the top ten. Prices inched up, too. More.

Authors and Amazon (FT)
Authors should support Amazon in its fight with Hachette because a publisher-less future is inevitable and they had better get used to it, writes one commentator.

BiblioBoard Expands Catalog (DBW)
BiblioBoard, the ebook start-up that wants libraries to offer consumers similar experiences as to what they get with slick commercial services, has signed deals with four major distributors, giving its catalog a boost.

Quarto: Bad News, Good News (Pub Lunch)
The illustrated publisher had a tough first half, with sales and profits both slipping. But the good news is that it is projecting a strong second half.

Libraries Still Trump Subscription Services (WSJ)
According to one tech columnist, ebook subscription services still aren’t better than a local library. The main differentiator? Catalog. Libraries have “books you actually want to read,” wrote the columnist.

Digital Comics: What’s New (PW)
ComiXology now allows digital-rights-management-free ebooks to be sold and publishers are experimenting with new formats.

E-Textbook Rental Start-up Gets Funded (WSJ)
Packback, which allows students to rent digital course materials for 24 hours for a small fee, has raised $1 million. The start-up got seed funding in March on the ABC entrepreneur show Shark Tank.

iPads in Production (Bloomberg)
Apple is hoping the new iPads help lift sagging sales of the device, even as the tablet market booms.

Meditations on What an Ebook Is Worth (
The always entertaining Chuck Wendig ruminates on what an ebook is worth. Spoiler alert: The answer is nothing and everything.
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  1. John @ Flash to HTML5 Conversion

    That’s the disadvantage of self-publishing. It can be a tedious process and most likely, you’ll need to get good reviews from people you know and publish it on your site so people would know that it’s a worth one. Take advantage of the wide accessibility of content. About 3 billion people like it on mobile the most.



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