Subscription Ebooks ‘Inevitable’?

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.09.07 PMA new report says that the subscription ebook model will inevitably be a big part of the publishing business in the years to come.

The launch last week of Kindle Unlimited, a subscription ebook offering from Amazon, sure makes it look that way, but is it so? Dozens of publishing professionals interviewed for a new Book Industry Study Group report on the topic think so, but they could be wrong.

People don’t read nearly as much as they watch television and movies and listen to music, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, throwing shade on the idea that Americans are hungry for all-you-can-read options. There are other reasons, too.

Much more.

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Kindle Unlimited Encourages Authors to Go Exclusive (Pub Lunch)
Kindle Direct Publishing Select authors are automatically a part of Amazon’s new ebook subscription platform Kindle Unlimited. One benefit is that Kindle Unlimited reads are being counted toward ranking on the overall Kindle best-seller list, which can mean additional sales.

Kindle Unlimited and Best-Seller Lists (DBW)
Kindle Unlimited “reads” are being factored into the overall Kindle best-seller list, which makes creating the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list tricky. Don’t worry – we’re working on it. More, plus the top-25 best-selling ebooks this week.

Colbert Strikes Again (DBW)
Stephen Colbert had author Edan Lupecki on his show to discuss how he helped her new book California jump to No. 3 on the New York Times best-seller list despite Amazon’s contract dispute with her publisher, Hachette. Then he had her name another Hachette author to give a Colbert “bump” to.

Hachette Dispute Hurting Amazon? (Forbes)
New survey data suggests that some book buyers are moving from shopping at Amazon to buying books elsewhere because of the Hachette dispute.

Big Authors Unite (The Bookseller)
A new group of authors is organizing under the name Authors United to find a way to react as a group to Amazon and its long-term strategies.

‘Beat Amazon’ Isn’t a Business Plan (Pub Perspectives)
According to one start-up guru who has been at the center of successful projects, start-ups shouldn’t focus on “beating Amazon” but on emulating the essence of successful start-ups.

Indie Publisher Releases First Salinger Ebook (PW)
It’s a collection of three short stories and the publisher took special care to make sure it didn’t run afoul of J.D. Salinger’s protective estate.

Ebooks in Hong Kong (The Standard)
Right now, ebooks are less than 5% of the market in Hong Kong, but that could change quickly due to the adoption of smartphones and tablets and the emergence of a new retailer, Super Book City.

Developers Increase Output Following Announcement of Fire Phone (DBW)
Amazon app store activity has doubled since the announcement of the latest Amazon device, the Fire Phone, which has special features that can be harnessed in new apps.


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