Subscription Ebooks Enter Act Two (Free Download)

In the short time since their arrival, ebook subscription services have grown noticeably more prominennt. But while there’s little question about the force of their presence today, the longer-term questions of their permanence, and their impact on the publishing ecosystem, are unresolved.

That remains true despite the flurry of activity surrounding subscription ebooks this summer, most dramatically with Amazon’s rollout of its own such service, Kindle Unlimited, in July. It was a few short weeks afterward that Kindle Unlimited began reshaping Amazon’s own ebook best-seller rankings. And by the end of the month, Apple’s quiet acquisition earlier this year of the recommendation engine BookLamp led one commentator to speculate that the tech giant is also preparing to enter the subscription ebook market.

In light of all this, the debate Digital Book World hosted in June evaluating the impact ebook subscription services will have on publishers, authors and readers was particularly timely. The many issues four expert panelists weighed before a live audience resulted in plenty of unanswered questions that they later agreed to address in writing.

Continuing the Debate on Ebook Subscription Services is the result of that effort–a concise, thirteen-page booklet that frames the ongoing conversation on subscription ebooks at a time when the model is swiftly charting new territory in the publishing landscape. Click here to download your free copy.


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