Stories Etc Launches App for Families to Turn Memories Into Ebooks

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stories etc Launches Family Storytelling App Powered by Pubsoft

World’s First ‘E-Memoir’ App Allows Users to Create and Share with Video, Audio, Images and eBooks on an iPhone

Pubsoft, a provider of cloud-based digital publishing software, announced that stories etc has launched a fun to use family storytelling app that leverages Pubsoft’s ebook technology. The world’s first iPhone app that turns family memories into rich e-memoirs, stories etc allows families to self-publish ebooks filled with video, audio, images and text of life’s most treasured memories.

stories etc is an iOS7 app designed to capture, curate and preserve family memories that are normally lost or forgotten. For individuals or families who don’t know where to start, stories etc features “10/10”, a collection of 100 questions that cover 10 different phases of life. The 10/10 question cover themes like parents and grandparents, early childhood memories, school days, world events, life philosophies and much more. By simply selecting a question and choosing video, audio or text to record an answer, users can recount life’s greatest episodes one story at a time.

“People think their grandparents had great stories—but they don’t realize that their grandchildren will think they had amazing stories too,” said Patrick Talley, founder of stories etc. “That’s why people need a simple way to preserve and share all the stories that future generations will cherish. We’ve made the app simple and fun. My 84-year-old mother is already picking questions, recording her answers and creating her ebook all from her iPhone or iPad. We’re changing the way that family history is created and shared.”

After recording or collecting videos, voice recordings, pictures and text, stories etc’s branded Pubsoft publishing engine allows users to weave their multimedia into vivid e-memoirs. Thanks to Pubsoft’s cutting edge HTML5 Cloud Reader, family members can enjoy the final ebook from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

“Pubsoft was the obvious choice for this project,” said Mr. Talley. “There’s no other digital publishing platform that could make ebook creation and sharing so simple for our story tellers. We’re very pleased that we could leverage Pubsoft’s technology in a branded stories etc. experience.”

While the baby boomers and older generations often use shoeboxes to store family letters, photos, videos, CDs and DVDs, stories etc. preserves family stories to the cloud. This ensures that stories can be saved with peace of mind and viewed long into the future. Unlike Google+, Facebook and other social media, which make stories easy to tell but impossible to retrieve, stories etc leaves families with a living, evolving time capsule. stories etc also makes it easy to blend the stories of multiple family members into a single, cohesive narrative.

“stories etc. demonstrates the adaptability of Pubsoft for different publishing projects,” said Dougal Cameron, COO at Pubsoft. “We’ve built a comprehensive publishing platform that can handle ebook creation, marketing, direct sales, distribution and analytics, and now we’re seeing how innovative apps like stories etc. can take several Pubsoft tools to offer a unique e-memoir engine. We’re excited to help stories etc transform family memories into timeless ebooks.”

stories etc is now available on the iPhone and iPad. To download stories etc, visit the iTunes store.

About stories etc
stories etc is the world’s first family storytelling app that takes users screen by screen through the creation of a compelling e-memoir on an iphone. The simple iOS app lets members of every generation record the family stories, traditions and wisdom that would otherwise vanish. Loaded with 100 engaging questions for 10 different phases of life, stories etc helps families capture the full breadth of life’s experience. With tools for recording video, audio, photos and text, stories etc makes it easy to create family ebooks that current and future generations will cherish. To learn more, visit

About Pubsoft
Pubsoft is a digital publishing engine that is empowering the next generation of great publishers with an array of intuitive solutions to manage multiple facets of publishing and sales. The easy-to-use administration portal lets publishers instantly create and manage an ebook store for direct sales to consumers, drive social media-enabled marketing campaigns, deliver ebooks to mobile devices, manage authors and distribute royalties. With backend solutions that streamline administration and a unique interface that connects publishers, authors and readers with unparalleled transparency, Pubsoft is poised to change the way publishers operate in the 21st century. Learn more at Read our blog at

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