Stephen Colbert Joins Chorus of Authors Slamming Amazon

Television personality and author Stephen Colbert slammed Amazon this week on his nightly, satirical Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.

The celebrity Hachette author gave Amazon the finger — twice — during his segment and implored listeners to download and print stickers from his website that they could put on books that say, “I didn’t buy it on Amazon,” adding that viewers could find sticker paper on for cheap and have it the next day.

That said, Colbert was hard on the largest seller of books in the U.S. and has joined a chorus of other big-name authors, not all from Hachette, criticizing Amazon and urging readers elsewhere.

Malcolm Gladwell, James Patterson and John Green, who is a Penguin Random House author, have all made public statements criticizing Amazon.

See the complete episode here. The segment starts at 4:07.

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One thought on “Stephen Colbert Joins Chorus of Authors Slamming Amazon

  1. Owen

    I think the moral highground is getting very hard to find.

    The three authors mentioned all sell there ebooks to libraries at between 400% and 700% of the price that any individual would pay on Amazon. Check out the pricing at Overdrive.

    Yeah. Maybe it isn’t their fault, maybe it is their publisher.

    I can see that, but guys like Cory Doctorow are still writing to find what voice rings true. To give our society a reflection that we have to look at … and either be happy with or change.

    There is no doubt we need to change. Charging libraries more because they incorporate the age old practice of sharing is as or more egregious than anything Amazon is doing.

    Stephen’s funny, but he still’s making a killing on all those funny jokes.



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