Start-up Children’s Digital Publisher Takes Classical Music as Inspiration for Content

[Press Release]

Infinite Fermata debuts with ebook “The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook”

Children’s ebook, game and app developer Infinite Fermata debuts with its premier release, “The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook.” The ebook is available for iPad and Kindle Fire.

Infinite Fermata is staking a unique claim in the kids’ digital space, creating ebooks, apps and games based on canonical works of classical music. “I find that multimedia touch screens such as iPads are an ideal publishing environment for the work I am doing,” says founder Peter Kay, a digital media developer and former publishing executive at Random House and W.W. Norton. “The arts are underrepresented in the kids’ space, and kids find touch screens an intuitive and fun way to explore great art.”

Infinite Fermata’s first release, “The Four Seasons,” is an interactive storybook for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners to listen to and read with their parents, or for young readers to enjoy on their own. It exemplifies the Infinite Fermata emphasis on craftsmanship and playful engagement, featuring:
– warm, top-notch illustrations
– gentle humor
– engaging interactivity
– whimsical animation
– a gorgeous masterpiece of music, rearranged for children to engage with at their own pace

“The Four Seasons” guides users through the natural world in spring, summer, fall, and winter, using cute animals and the natural environment as an interactive guide to each season’s changes. Children can also interact with Vivaldi’s beautiful music, which informs and supports each scene.

One of the core beliefs of Infinite Fermata, amply illustrated by “The Four Seasons,” is that children’s playful engagement with the classics is a singular delight that can flourish in our touchscreen world. Nourishing kids’ innate appreciation of aesthetic pleasure, Infinite Fermata bridges the gap between classic art and digital media.

Currently, Kay is in the process of rolling out versions of “The Four Seasons” localized for international markets as well as for Android tablets. Infinite Fermata will follow up with more products centering on masterpieces of classical music, including Bach’s Goldberg Variations and Debussy’s Claire de Lune. Also in the works is another kind of musical engagement for children — a physics-based musical instrument game.


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