Sources of Publishing Innovation

shutterstock_140576308Sometimes, innovative ideas can come from places where they’re least expected.

One place you might not expect to find innovative digital publishing ideas is Italy. The European country’s publishing industry derives less than 5% of its income from digital publishing and, according to folks we spoke to while in London for the book fair earlier this year, it’s not one of the markets publishers are watching for its promise.

Yet, some of the most innovative publishing ideas are coming out of Italy’s Rizzoli, where head of digital Marcello Vena has an innovation lab that is pumping out new projects at a fast clip, some of which should get other publishers’ wheels turning.


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With mergers and acquisitions in publishing heating up, there are a lot more talented publishing professionals without jobs than usual out looking for work. The loss of merging companies is the gain of smaller competitors.

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A slowdown in the ultra-fast growth of ebooks has left an opening for indie bookstores.

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