Simon & Schuster Launches ‘InkedIn,’ Private Social Network for S&S Authors

As publishers continue to work to build and maintain new and existing author relationships in an era where anyone can publish a book, Simon & Schuster has taken an innovative tack, launching a private social network where its authors can interact with each other.

Dubbed “InkedIn,” after the popular career-focused social network “LinkedIn,” the platform will allow authors to communicate with one another in group or private settings. It will also be where Simon & Schuster authors go to for information on sales of their books, marketing advice and to report piracy.

InkedIn closely resembles the author communities that have sprung up for indie authors on Kindle Boards and other sites. These communities have helped authors who access them share knowledge of successes and failures in publishing and to become fairly sophisticated publishers.

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NEW YORK, June 5—Simon & Schuster today launched S&S InkedIn, an exclusive new community for the publishing house’s authors where they can connect to other S&S authors one-on-one or in a group to discuss publishing-related topics in a private forum.

S&S InkedIn is open only to Simon & Schuster authors, and will be accessible to authors on the popular networking site LinkedIn.

“Simon & Schuster’s authors are a talented and knowledgeable community that, using S&S InkedIn, can come together for the purposes of sharing information, advising each other, and enjoying the unique, only-an-author-would-understand camaraderie and inspiration of their peers in a private, professional social network,” said Ellie Hirschhorn, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Simon & Schuster. “We encourage all our authors to join and learn what others are doing to promote themselves and their books, exchange ideas and tips, invite other authors to participate in local and online events, or discuss any topic that they deem relevant. S&S InkedIn, and the entirety of our newly refashioned Author Portal, reflects our ongoing commitment to providing Simon & Schuster’s authors with the tools and resources they need to have the best publication possible.”

S&S InkedIn is just one of numerous recent improvements to Simon & Schuster’s Author Portal, which was initially launched in 2011 to provide Simon & Schuster authors with one location to find the information and resources they need throughout the publishing process. With a completely new look-and-feel that makes it even easier for authors to find valuable information about their books and the publishing process, the major sections of the Author Portal and its features now include:


Authors can view recent sales activity for both the print and digital editions of their works. They can also report online piracy, and view the status of Simon & Schuster’s piracy monitoring and takedown effort on their behalf.


Where authors can go to find the tools and learn about how to build a web site, start a blog, write for an online audience or build their social media presence.


In addition to S&S InkedIn, authors can find features and services available only to Simon & Schuster authors, from webinar workshops with S&S staff on topics relating to book promotion and marketing to perks, discounts, newsletter subscriptions and more.


Includes a complete guide to publishing at Simon & Schuster, and highlights of media coverage about Simon & Schuster and the publishing industry.
Also new to the Author Portal is an embedded video player that features videos from the various Simon & Schuster departments discussing their roles in the publication process.

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