Shifting the Narrative on Publishing

shutterstock_156405437For years, the popular narrative on the publishing industry has been that traditional publishers are in dire straits and that they’re doing little to adapt.

Six years after the Kindle hit the market, many publishers are having the best years they’ve ever had, other, new digital publishers have risen and an untold number of indie authors (read: very small publishers) have gained personal and professional success through publishing.

Yet, the popular narrative persists.

At the Association of American Publishers meeting this week, Simon & Schuster CEO and outgoing AAP chairman Carolyn Reidy called on publishers to do what they do best: spread the word – on how publishing and publishers have evolved. More.

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The Key to Success in Publishing (DBW)
As the ways to publish and distribute content (and how to measure results) have proliferated, so too has grousing over details like multimedia content, metadata, marketing and more. But there is one thing that often gets lost in the conversation that publishers need to pay attention to more than anything. More.

Hillary Clinton: Four Lessons for Authors (DBW)
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the middle of writing a new book (to be released by Simon & Schuster) and she has some advice for other authors. Unfortunately, much of the advice will be hard to follow if you aren’t a celebrity yourself, but there are lessons to be drawn from it. More.

Copyright Law Won’t Change This Year (DBW)
U.S. copyright law is badly in need of reform. While it won’t happen this year, it will happen soon, according to Representative Jerrold Nadler. Copyright is a non-partisan issue, and even in a gridlocked congress, non-partisan issues get resolved.

Amazon Expanding Publishing Business (PW)
As Amazon’s publishing successes continue to mount, it plans to invest in Amazon Publishing. It will fill some 70 positions around the world.

Penguin Random House Bolster’s Spanish-Language Publishing Program (Pub Lunch)
Penguin Random House has acquired Spain’s Santillana for a reported €72 million ($99.6 million).

Kobo Granted Stay (Financial Post)
Following calls to the courts saying that its business would be irreparably damaged should agency pricing for ebooks leaves Canada as it has the U.S., Kobo has been granted a stay on a ruling that would do just that by the courts while they sort everything out.

Ebooks to Grow Then Stagnate in the UK (The Bookseller)
Another analyst report (read: educated guess) says that the UK book market will be 35% digital by 2016 but will only continue to grow digitally slowly after that.

Ebooks, Self-Publishing up in UK (The Bookseller)
Ebook purchases were up 20% in the UK in 2013, according to Nielsen, and one in five ebooks purchased was self-published. Print books were down but still represented the lion’s share of the market.

New CEO for Publishing Technology (PW)
Less than a year after being named chief operating officer of book publishing vendor Publishing Technology, Michael Cairns has been made CEO, replacing George Lossius, who stepped down in early March.

New Baker & Taylor Tool for Libraries (DBW)
The new tool from the content distributor will help librarians manage and decide how to grow their collections.

How Can Books Win? (WashPo)
Books are losing ground to other media in the tablet/smartphone/broadband/wi-fi world. How can they gain ground? A new speed-reading app could be part of the solution.


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