Self-Publishing Platforms Pool Marketing Resources

The ebook publisher and distributor BookBaby announced expansions to its promotional package BookPromo with tools to help authors promote their work through Goodreads and NoiseTrade Books.

Titles published through BookBaby now be included in the Goodreads database. NoiseTrade, originally a music marketing start-up that recently adapted its platform for books, allows authors to make their titles free to download in exchange for readers’ email addresses. That service will now be offered through BookPromo, too.

The BookPromo upgrade indicates continuing demand among self-published authors for the tools to build effective platforms for their work. These additions to BookBaby’s arsenal represent the latest example of a system initially designed to publish and distribute ebooks responding more vigorously to the growing need to promote them, too.

The changes come at a time when authors are increasingly questioning the terms offered to them by traditional publishers–a debate that was kindled anew last week with the release of Hugh Howey’s Author Earnings report.


Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article mistakenly suggested that the BookPromo changes resulted from partnerships with Goodreads and NoiseTrade and that BookBaby titles will be included in the Goodreads recommendation engine, rather than its database. We regret these errors and have corrected them.

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