Scribd Launches Kindle Fire Reading App

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Surpasses +3MM Android and IOS Downloads with Major Product Updates

Scribd, a book subscription service featuring 100,000+ books including contemporary bestsellers and beloved classics, is celebrating three million mobile downloads with the launch of an app for Kindle Fire, based on its bestselling Android app. Demand for a Kindle app has been resounding: more than 100,000 users have come to Scribd since October 1, 2013 seeking an app compatible with their Kindle Fire device. They may now download Scribd’s new Kindle Fire app here: [this link is not live pre-release; please use]. Please note that the App is not searchable in the Amazon App Store; it must accessed through this direct link.

Scribd now supports all Kindle Fire models, including the Fire HD and Fire HDX. Scribd is not currently compatible with E Ink based Kindle readers like the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle DX, as these devices do not allow third party applications.

Scribd’s Kindle Fire app is part of a series of new reader-focused feature updates for both Android and iOS apps, including:

· Better, more readable fonts
· More font sizes to choose from
· Better support for managing your location while traveling internationally
· Ability to rate content on a five-star basis inside the mobile app
· A night reading mode featuring a softer black background
· Better tracking of location with real page numbers from the print book

“Since launching our subscription book service, our readers around the world have been asking for an app that worked with Kindle Fire. It’s one of the most popular reading devices available today and we want to enable our readers to enjoy Scribd across any of their devices,” said Trip Adler, CEO and co-founder of Scribd. “We’re excited to be able to add Kindle Fire to our line-up of over 100 supported devices.”

Scribd was used on over 11M unique mobile devices in December 2013 alone. Its mobile app usage is up five times over usage compared to December 2012, and is growing 50% month-over-month. The Scribd app is consistently ranked in the top ten in the Books category in the US iTunes app store, and is the #1 Book app in five countries around the world.

Scribd is a subscription service with premier books including New York Times bestsellers, classics, and reader favorites in every genre. Scribd also features millions of written works contributed by users around the world. Launched in 2007 by Trip Adler and Jared Friedman and backed by Y Combinator, Charles River Ventures, and Redpoint Ventures, Scribd is one of the most influential websites in the world with more than 80 million active readers coming to the site every month.

9 thoughts on “Scribd Launches Kindle Fire Reading App

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  2. Ori Idan

    When we first launched our EPUB3 reader for android we sent it to Amazon for inclusion in their app. store for Kindle fire. We thought that since it is a reading application for EPUB3 (the competing format) they will not approve it. It took them more then a week but they did approve it and now it is used by Kindle Fire users (although from our stats, most users are using it on Android systems).
    So I am not surprised they did not approve scribd app.
    In their case it is really direct competition.

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  4. Michael W. Perry

    I’m not great fan of Amazon’s business ethics, but this is wrong:

    \Please note that the App is not searchable in the Amazon App Store; it must accessed through this direct link.\

    I just searched Amazzon’s Apps for Android and Scribd is the top hit, as you can see here:

    Maybe Amazon is moving away from manipulating search results. That’d be a long-needed policy change. A few years back, one Amazon software developer told me to never trust their search results. They only showed what Amazon wanted them to show.

  5. Kallypso Masters

    Let’s not forget that Scribd began as a pirating site stealing the works of many authors without paying them ANY royalties for the books they were loaning to their customers. While I haven’t opted out (yet) via Smashwords, I’m still going to be watching carefully to see what happens in the first few months. I’m gone if I’m not seeing anything back from the deal (and Smashwords wouldn’t respond when I asked them about my concerns with them partnering with Scribd). I’d rather donate my books to legitimate libraries that loan e-books to patrons for free than to have them in Scribd, given how they operated in the beginning.

    USA Today Bestseller Author Kallypso Masters

  6. Natasha Boyd

    Over 40,000 illegal/pirated copies of my book were downloaded from Scribd. Until they police their copyrights and only allow proven copyright owners to upload to their system, I hope Kindle/Amazon keeps them in the dog house.

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