Scribd Burned by Kindle Fire?

scribdlogoThe recently launched subscription ebook service has launched a Kindle Fire reading app. One catch: Amazon isn’t making the app searchable in its app store. It can only be accessed through a direct link.

Perhaps Amazon is concerned with the 100,000 subscribers Scribd has attracted to its $8.99 per month all-you-can-eat ebook reading platform.

Scribd is still working to persuade most major publishers to distribute ebooks through the platform which now has more than 100,000-title. The Kindle app may strengthen its pitch.

Scribd is one of a handful of services, alongside Oyster, Entitle and 24symbols, to offer readers set-rate access to libraries of ebooks. Recently, a kids-ebook-focused player entered the market: Epic!

Scribd already offers iPhone and Android apps in addition to its browser-based platform. Does this mark a tipping point in the contest among subscription ebook services, or just the latest turn in an ongoing experiment?


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Shatzkin: Barnes & Noble Left ‘Out in the Cold’ for Selling Just Books (DBW)
Unlike its more diversified competitors in the retail business, Barnes & Noble suffers if it doesn’t turn a profit from print and ebook sales, which puts it at a huge disadvantage, one that could ultimately spell its end.

Self-Publishing Dominates German Best-Seller List (DBW)
In stark contrast to the U.S., where just one of the top 25 best-selling ebooks this week is by a self-published author, all of the current top ten best-sellers in the Kindle Germany store are self-published titles.

iPads and Chromebooks Duke It Out in the Classroom (Pub Lunch)
Apple claims more than seven million iPads are currently in American schools, while Google reports a “preliminary estimate” that its Chromebooks constitute nearly a fifth of mobile computer purchases by U.S. educational institutions.

Holiday Device Sales: iPhone and Kindle Fire Divide the Spoils (The Digital Reader)
A survey by digital advertising network firm Chitika shows Apple growing its share in the expanding mobile ad impression market with 2% of ad impressions, while the Kindle Fire put Amazon on top among tablets with 9.4% — this is out of all digital ad impressions in the Chitika network.

Smartphone Shipments Up Almost 40% from 2012 Worldwide (TeleRead)
More than one billion smartphones found their way into users’ hands over the past year, setting a new record that confirms what many expected: the future is indeed mobile, largely thanks to cheap devices.

Wandoo Planet Offers Kids Personalized Book Recommendations (DBW)
The new platform bills itself partly as an antidote to reading deficiency by helping kids ages six-to-fourteen discover content that fits their interests.

Amazon’s Audible Platform Drives Audio Book Boom (Good E Reader)
Audio books grew more than 45% last year, with Audible currently publishing nearly 1,000 a month. Two recent deals will allow Audible to release new titles in audio format ahead of their print and ebook editions.

ReDigi Wins Patent for Selling Second-Hand Digital Content (PW)
The digital reseller’s platform for distributed “copyless” content claims to protect against piracy while allowing users to sell ebooks, audiobooks, music and other media files they no longer want. Legal woes have kept ReDigi from actually creating the second-hand digital content market its patent envisions.

Maryland Considers Pricing Law to Lower Barriers for Library Ebook Access (Infodocket)
Amidst budget squeezes, the state’s General Assembly is weighing a bill that would require ebook publishers to make their wares available to libraries at the same prices they make them available to consumers.

Subscription Ebook Platform Aims to Boost Publishers’ Revenue (Pub Perspectives)
Unlike “all-you-can-eat” subscription ebook services, Finitiv allows publishers—primarily of professional content—to bundle their titles into collections customers can access for a monthly fee.

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