Scribd Adds Audiobooks

scribdlogoScribd adds 30,000 audiobooks to its catalog in a significant expansion of its subscription-based content offering.

All of those titles are available to subscribers at no additional charge and on the same unlimited basis as the more than 500,000 ebooks in Scribd’s library.

Subscription audiobooks are a much newer, smaller market than subscription ebooks, which have grown to occupy a significant place in the e-reading landscape over the past few years.

Amazon’s Audible platform sells audiobooks individually rather than by subscription, but it’s still likely Scribd’s move is aimed at taking a bite out of Audible’s customer base.


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What Scribd’s Audiobook Launch Means for Audible (Forbes)
Scribd only offers about a fifth of the number of audiobook titles that Audible does, but Scribd is hoping its subscription model will offer a strong value proposition to customers. Here’s a look at the current market.

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Ebook growth was flat in the third quarter of 2014 at Simon & Schuster, but the publisher says its titles performed better than expected on ebook subscription platforms.
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HarperCollins Granted Injunction in Open Road Ebook Suit (PW)
The three-year-old lawsuit over the digital rights to Julie of the Wolves is resolved with HarperCollins getting a permanent injunction barring Open Road from selling an ebook edition of the title. But the judge grants HarperCollins a much smaller award than the damages it sought.

Harlequin Titles Folded into HarperCollins (Pub Lunch)
Forthcoming Harlequin Nonfiction titles will be published under the HarperCollins imprint William Morrow. Several staffing changes accompany the realignment, a step that further integrates the recently acquired romance publisher into HarperCollins’s editorial structure.

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According to one expert on web security, the encryption Adobe Digital Editions instituted in response to concerns over how it gathers ebook data isn’t the right approach to protecting users’ privacy.
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Survey results from The Bookseller’s Digital Census indicate publishers expect ebook sales growth to continue at slower rates and territoriality to diminish in the long term.

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Ebook retailers are discovering a great deal about how readers engage with digital content by looking at who highlights which passages most often. The more comfortable ebook readers become with those features, the more providers will learn.


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