Sales of Hachette Books up 70% at Walmart After Retailer Announcement, Big Discounting


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Earlier this week, Walmart reached out to customers to alert them about the online, in-stock availability of their favorite books from Hachette Publishing Group. All books are available online at the everyday low price, which is 40% off the cover price.

We’ve seen a strong customer reaction since alerting them to Walmart’s in-stock availability, with a 70% sales lift for our books category on

We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to have access to a broad assortment of the products they want, at the low prices they want – including copies of their favorite books that they might not be able to get elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Sales of Hachette Books up 70% at Walmart After Retailer Announcement, Big Discounting

  1. Michael W. Perry

    Bravo! This is a move that’s both smart in the business sense and good in the sense that it encourages a healthy and competitive market for books.

    Bookstores might want to consider doing something similar, perhaps even hosting a display of “Not at Amazon” books from Hachette. Were I Hachette, I’d offer them assistance, including discounts and free display material.

  2. Kat

    Okay, I just double-checked, and Hachette (or at least James Patterson) books are still for sale on Amazon. Amazon is still selling them, despite the dispute. So Hachette is making money from Amazon sales anyhow.

    They’re not \not at Amazon\ at all.

    Understand: I’m not a big Amazon fan. I just bought two books at my local indie bookshop lady weekend. I just don’t get all the bile being thrown at Amazon when companies like Hachette are even bigger than they are. Hachette in particular is not even American.

    So I just don’t understand what everyone is cheering about. You want to support competition, view with your wallet and don’t shop at Amazon. I like to support local businesses, so I only go to Amazon when I can’t get something otherwise. Don’t be so thrilled this giant, multinational conglomerate is negotiating a new contract with them.



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