Salad Days for Opted-in Authors and Publishers

shutterstock_95582311If you’re one of the publishers or authors opted in (or opting in) to be a part of Kindle Unlimited, you might be celebrating this week.

Kindle Unlimited seems to be driving books onto the Kindle 100 ebook best-seller list. This week, 45 of the top 100 Kindle titles were Kindle Unlimited ebooks. Last week, that number would have been about 15 (see chart). Amazon is counting KU “reads” as sales toward best-seller ranking.

One reason for the quick success of books in the service might be the way Amazon is marketing it to readers (see graphic).


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Classing Authors on Amazon? (The Digital Reader)
At least one commentator doesn’t agree that Amazon’s new ebook subscription service makes some authors second-class citizens.
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Amazon: Authors, Quiet Down (PW)
Amazon vice president of Kindle content Russ Grandinetti reportedly asked author Douglas Preston to quiet down authors he is leading in complaints about the tactics the retailer is using in negotiating with publishers. He also reportedly offered a new deal to Preston in terms of putting pressure on Amazon and Hachette to get a deal done: Give all ebook proceeds from Amazon sales to a literary charity. Preston apparently did not like the deal.

Oyster Goes Browser (DBW)
iPhone-only all-you-can-read digital reading service has quickly expanded past the Apple handsets. It’s not on any mobile device via mobile browsers.

Apple Pumps More Devices Into Market (DBW)
Apple added another 48 million e-reading devices into the market in the third quarter of 2014 but tablet sales were down nearly 10% versus the same quarter a year ago.

New Workman CEO: Dan Reynolds (Pub Lunch)
Reynolds was already president and CEO of two of the company’s imprints. He will transition into his new role immediately and relocate to New York City in the fall.

Crowd-Sourcing Content (DBW)
Canadian publisher Fierce Ink is crowd-sourcing young adult content with an online pitch slam.

More Acquisitions: Rizzoli (Pub Lunch)
Rizzoli has acquired the list of Welcome Books, a publishers of illustrated titles about food and wine, parenting and more.

Libraries in Thailand Go Digital (Bangkok Post)
To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Thammasat University will introduce digital library services on each of its four campuses.

Ebooks in Schools in Vietnam? (Vietnamnet)
Teachers in schools in Ho Chi Minh City are resisting a move to digital books in the classroom, citing several concerns.

Publishing Ebooks From Google Drive (
New start-up Liberio will allow users to publish ebooks directly from Google Drive.


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