Risk-takers, Rule-breakers, Engineers: 6 Stories of Agents in Transition.

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The first-ever agents gathering at Digital Book World happens this coming Monday, January 13th: “Driving Agency Growth,” a morning of conversation, coffee and camaraderie, with a mix of ideas and perspectives from agencies large and small. The list of attendees and participants promises a lively discussion of trends, strategies, and new tools.

Here’s a preview: 6 Agent Success Stories we’ll be discussing during our morning of discovery, inspiration and preparation. The representatives of these firms will be pulling back the curtain on their work, sparking a conversation about risk, growth, and the fresh challenges facing agents today.

1. The Risk-taker: a small firm experiences a recession-busting period of growth, doubling in staff size and expanding author support services, while never straying from their core work of seeking and selling big books to big publishers.

2. The Rule-breaker: a young agent launches out on her own, establishing a hybrid company that provides representation services as well as full-scale marketing and publicity campaigns for authors both in and out of her stable.

3. The Fence-jumper: a former executive editor at a major imprint leaps the gap from big house to independent agent, building books for media brands and individual authors

4. The Brand-manager: a small, focused agency takes on the global relaunch of a bestselling author brand–building website, managing social media, executing promotional strategy on top of managing rights sales.

5. The Engineer: literally. An agency brings a software engineer in-house to provide full-time digital support to author stable, from web development to self-publishing and beyond.

6. The Packager: an agency that once specialized in book-packaging efforts returns to its roots, but with a refreshed digital emphasis, leveraging its legacy knowledge and infrastructure to move into the future by way of the past.

Join us Monday morning to meet these agents of change, and to engage with author reps from firms around town and around the world. The day kicks off with a fireside chat with Brian DeFiore, Chair of the AAR’s Digital Rights Committee, discussing experimentation, agency infrastructure, growth, risk, and what might come next. The rest of the morning will be a rich buffet of ideas, case studies, strategies, best practices and equipment.

Sign up here (and see my Twitter feed for a discount code).

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