Rethinking Ebooks for Web Browsers

shutterstock_160938524As tablets overtake e-readers in popularity, more ebook readers are relying on the one thing all tablets share in order to access their titles: web browsers.

Taking note, ebook publishers and retailers are looking afresh at web-based e-reading, in some cases launching or upgrading their in-browser reading platforms.

That means plenty of new challenges and opportunities for web developers and ebook designers, whose paths are now crossing more regularly as the transition to browser-native ebook publishing proceeds apace.

Much more in an exclusive webcast.

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New Nook Gets Bigger (AndroidHeadlines)
Physically, that is. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook launched this August will soon jump from seven inches to ten. The larger-screen devices, said to be scheduled to ship later this month, will not have higher-resolution displays, but they will have higher price tags: $299 instead of $179.

Scribd Accused of Ebook Piracy (Good E Reader)
A trade group for digital publishers in France says the ebook subscription service has hundreds of titles in its catalog that lack proper licensing agreements.
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ALA: Adobe Data Gathering “Egregious,” “Unnecessary” (DBW)
The American Library Association isn’t parsing its words in response to Adobe’s confirmation last week that it collects data on ebook readers, then transmits it back to its servers unencrypted. ALA President Courtney Young charges Adobe with needlessly jeopardizing library patrons’ privacy.

YA Movie Tie-Ins No Laughing Matter (Galleycat–video)
Leave it to “Saturday Night Live” to lampoon the spate of blockbusters based on hit young adult series like Divergent, The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. A parody trailer for one such movie claims to be “adapted from a YA novel written entirely in the comments section of a Hunger Games trailer.” But glance at the ebook best-seller list or the latest figures, and it’s clear publishers behind those franchises are laughing all the way to the bank.

Snapplify Delivers Ebooks to Rural Schools (VentureBurn)
The ebook distributor Snapplify launches new hardware called SnappBox that allows ebooks to be uploaded elsewhere before being shared via intranet in schools without Internet access.

Publishers Look to YouTube for Authors (WSJ–video)
It’s by now axiomatic in the publishing world that strong author platforms that successfully leverage social media are critical prerequisites to successful book projects. So perhaps sourcing authors among popular YouTubers is the logical next step for publishers seeking out their next best-sellers.

Self-Publishing “More Additive Than Cannibalistic” (Reuters)
One analyst concludes the rise of self-published authors like Penelope Ward, whose Stepbrother Dearest nabbed the No. 2 spot on last week’s ebook best-seller list, enlarges the publishing ecosystem on balance. Yet runaway successes remain few and far between.
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Baker & Taylor Spreads Library Ebooks’ Global Reach (Good E Reader)
A new partnership brings the digital content distributor’s Axis 360 ebook platform to New Zealand libraries. Good E Reader points out Baker & Taylor follows behind OverDrive and 3M in the Kiwi library market, both of whom launched there in the last few years.

Sharpen Your Publishing Chops for Less (DBWU)
With summer squarely behind us and school back in session, it’s a perfect time to brush up on all the skills and trends that keep digital publishing moving forward. Digital Book World University launches a Fall Sale, discounting this season’s lineup of brand-new courses to 50% with the coupon code “FALLSALE2014” through November. Browse courses and register before seats fill up.


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