Putting Big Data to Work

shutterstock_118070038For one thing, only a very small handful of very big publishers can truly utilize big data. Data analysis on a scale that qualifies for the “big data” label isn’t in most publishers’ reach.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Small and mid-size publishers can gain valuable insights by improving their methods for analyzing smaller data sets more appropriate to the scale of their business.

And it turns out some of those methods can be informed by big data analysis conducted elsewhere. But first a vocabulary lesson is in order.

Much more.

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Sneak Peek at New Apple Tablets (9to5Mac)
Apple unveils its new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 today, but some information from their user guides leaks early. Here’s a preview of both tablets’ specs.
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Tim Cook Meets Bromwich (Fortune)
Apple’s CEO sits down for his first meeting with Michael Bromwich, the tech company’s court-appointed antitrust monitor. The first few fractious months since Bromwich’s appointment seem to be giving way to what Bromwich calls a “more productive and constructive” relationship.

Why Amazon’s Going Physical (SFGate)
For starters, it isn’t clear Amazon’s recent announcement that it plans to open a physical store in New York City this holiday season or pop-up shops elsewhere around the U.S. are decisive, permanent steps toward brick-and-mortar retail. But if they do presage a move in that direction, one analyst suggests it’s thanks partly to the mobile boom. Here’s why.

Fire Phone Isn’t Catching (The Digital Reader)
The latest consumer research suggests the smartphone is still lagging in popularity even among the most avid customers of Amazon devices. That could explain that Fire Phone fire-sale back in September.

Amazon Brings Same-Day Pick-Up to U.K. (Telegraph)
Amazon is doubling down on the speed and convenience with which it gets products into customers’ hands. Same-day delivery may need some improvement in the U.S., but in the meantime Amazon launches a major expansion of its pick-up program in the UK to include a same-day option.

Booktrack Grows, Looks to China (RadioNZ)
The Australian start-up that soundtracks ebooks says its user base doubled last quarter to 1.4 million. It’s now setting its sights on the growing Chinese ebook market.

More Movie Tie-Ins to Come (Pub Lunch)
Film adaptations have a tremendous influence on book sales, at least from the looks of the ebook best-seller list, where movie tie-ins seem to exert a growing pull every week. That’s good news for publishers like Scholastic, which announced Warner Bros. will make three movies based on its J. K. Rowling title Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, plus three more LEGO films.

Device-Makers Shift to Ebook Distribution in Asia (AsiaOne)
Many of the region’s leading electronics manufacturers have scaled back or discontinued their lines of e-readers even though Asia’s ebook markets are growing. But pivoting to distribution is not without its own challenges.
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