Plea to Big Ebook Retailers: Let Our Data Go!

shutterstock_108487772Ebook retailers, publishers and authors all have the same primary goal: Sell more books. Yet, in many ways, they don’t always work together.

One glaring example of this in the digital era is what information retailers are willing to give publishers about readers, information that could help them publish better, more appealing books that sell more. Based on conversations with multiple retailers, the kind of information they have — and the amount — is astounding.

For instance, ebook retailers know for each title what percentage of readers make it past the first ten pages, the halfway point, or complete the book altogether. They know how many books people buy versus read. They know what genres are the most engaging to readers. They know when a book is particularly engaging to readers and when publishers should therefore consider putting more marketing dollars behind it even if current sales may not validate that.

So, ebook retailers, why not share more data with publishers?


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Online Books Sales in Billions in China in 2013 (
Online book retail sales in china hit about $2.5 billion in 2013. No word on whether this is an increase or decrease from last year. Given worldwide trends and the growth of China’s economy, we can safely assume it’s an increase.

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