Penguin Partners With We Transfer on Cover Art Discovery Project

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Penguin Books collaborates with WeTransfer to showcase covers by leading designers and artists

16 April 2014, London – A new creative partnership between Penguin Books and free file-transfer service, WeTransfer, announced today, will see unique Penguin book covers from leading designers and street artists showcased on WeTransfer’s full-screen backgrounds.

To celebrate the partnership, WeTransfer will exhibit the covers of five of Penguin’s recent limited edition Street Art series to its 20 million monthly active users.

The book covers, designed by leading artists, including Nathan Burton, Sickboy and 45RPM, will take over WeTransfer’s full-screen backgrounds in the form of multiple still life photographs displaying a range of Penguin authors. When people click on each of the photographs, they will be taken through to Penguin’s online store for further information.

Titles in this series include:

· Joshua Ferris, Then We Came to the End (Cover: 45RPM)
· Nick Cave, And the Ass Saw the Angel (Cover: ROA)
· Zoë Heller, The Believers (Cover: Sickboy)
· Iain Sinclair, American Smoke (Cover: Nathan Burton)
· Zadie Smith, Embassy of Cambodia (Cover: gray318)

The collaboration is part of an ongoing partnership between Penguin Books and WeTransfer in a bid to bring together print and digital creativity. All of these books are already available to buy – the next series of covers will be premiered on We Transfer later this summer.

Celeste Ward-Best, Campaigns Executive at Penguin commented: “We’re delighted to partner with WeTransfer to showcase the diverse talent and creativity of our artists and authors. WeTransfer is one of the most exciting and progressive online businesses out there and we’ve long admired their commitment to the design community.”

Nalden, chief marketing officer and co-founder of WeTransfer, said: “Penguin is a company that we have admired for a long time. They have pioneered timeless design and innovative digital communication to ensure publishing remains relevant to a twenty-first century audience.

The unique look and feel of the Penguin brand sits neatly within the experience we look to deliver for our users. By showcasing these specially commissioned covers we are not only delivering beautiful imagery but offering huge creative opportunities for the Penguin brand.”

This is the latest in a number of creative partnerships for WeTransfer who have recently collaborated with the British Fashion Council, experience designer Nelly Ben and Where’s Wally?

To see the Penguin covers from the most recent Street Art series, please visit the following links:
· [Nick Cave, And the Ass Saw the Angel]
· [Zoë Heller, The Believers]
· [Iain Sinclair, American Smoke]
· [Joshua Ferris, Then We Came to the End]
· [Zadie Smith, Embassy of Cambodia]


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