Open Road Partners on Offering Sci-Fi Ebook Bundle Where Readers Can Name Their Own Price


Customers name their price for up to $86 worth of science fiction ebooks and make a charitable contribution

Open Road Integrated Media has partnered with Humble Bundle to launch the Humble Sci-Fi Ebook Bundle in support of the charities: Science Fiction Writers of America Medical Fund and First Book. This is First Book’s initial involvement with a Humble Bundle promotion. First Book is the groundbreaking nonprofit that distributes books and educational materials to schools and programs serving children from low-income families.

The Humble Bundle offers eleven science-fiction titles by authors such as Greg Bear, Timothy Zahn and William Dietz, which are available in multiple formats including PDF, mobi, and epub. Customers can choose how their purchase dollars are allocated, between the authors, charity and a Humble tip.

The Open Road Media Humble Bundle promotion is timed to the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and includes the Buzz Aldrin title, Encounter with Tiber.

Customers can pay the price they want for:
The Healer’s War by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
The Reluctant Swordsman by Dave Duncan
Freehold by William Dietz
The Time of the Dark by Barbara Hambly
Wingman by Mack Maloney

Customers who pay more than the average price will receive those titles as well as unlock:
Spellsinger by Alan Dean Foster
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison
The Forge of God by Greg Bear
Song of Kali by Dan Simmons

If customers pay $12 or more, they’ll receive all of the above, plus:
Encounter with Tiber by Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes
Blackcollar by Timothy Zahn

The Humble Bundle is available from July 9th to July 23rd and can be found at:

About Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle organizes pay-what-you-want plus charity promotions for awesome digital content and puts the power directly in the hands of the consumers, offering them fully-featured titles at prices they set themselves. Consumers pay what they want and decide how to allocate their money between content creators, charity and a humble tip. Humble Bundle also offers the Humble Store, a digital storefront that features great games at great prices with a portion of sales going to select charities. Since the company’s launch in 2010, Humble Bundle has enabled its community to contribute more than $39 million to charity to date. For more information, please visit

About Open Road Integrated Media
Open Road Integrated Media is a digital publisher and multimedia content company. Open Road creates connections between authors and their audiences by marketing its ebooks through a new proprietary online platform, which uses premium video content and social media. Open Road has published ebooks from legendary authors including Open Road has published ebooks from legendary authors including William Styron, Pat Conroy, Alice Walker, Bette Greene, Virginia Hamilton, Octavia E. Butler and Dorothy L. Sayers. For more information, please visit

About First Book
First Book is a nonprofit social enterprise that has distributed more than 118 million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income families throughout the United States and Canada. By making new, high-quality books available on an ongoing basis, First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education. For more information, please visit us online or follow our latest news on Facebook and Twitter.


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