Nook Sales Nosedive

photo-2-300x2251There’s no sugarcoating it: Nook took a big hit over this past holiday season.

Overall, the division’s revenue was off 60% versus a year prior. And Nook also was down over the holidays in 2012, creating a disturbing trend for the viability of the bookseller’s digital business.

The company blamed the decrease on lower device sales as Barnes & Noble didn’t come out with a new tablet this year and instead sold discounted versions of last year’s stock. Digital content sales were also down – due to lower device sales, the company said.

With a new CEO, one who has experience “unlocking shareholder value” (read: selling companies), it’s not unfair to wonder if Nook will be around in its present form next year at this time.


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2 thoughts on “Nook Sales Nosedive

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  2. Pierre Anonymot

    \Nook Sales Nosedive\

    Of course Nook took a nosedive. The Hula Hoop did after a while, too. The whole e business & i business has been so hyped it’s unsustainable. Unfortunately, it has damaged print in the process just as TV damaged the cinema & DVDs &nd cassettes damaged TV & computers & computer games damaged everybody. Computers are fun and have great functional value in certain areas. They also have their uses & limits.
    The only people truly well-served and getting rich in epub are the publishers who’ve made a fortune in a couple of years, paid for by the 99% of authors who’ll not see a significant profit.



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