New Platform Blookist Hopes to Bridge the Gap Between Blog and Book

[Press Email]

Blookist is a free publishing platform to bridge the gap between a blog and a book. We took the concept of a blog and pair it with the usability of a book to create a “blook”, a swipeable online publication, that works across all platforms directly from the browser. It helps bloggers organise and collect their posts for every topic, showcase their portfolios (from articles to photos and videos) in a beautiful book/magazine layout and offers a simple way to earn for their published content by using a similar (but easier) approach as selling ebooks. Unlike traditional platforms, Blookist remains minimalistic and simple and offers free monetisation options (just by adding a Paypal account, users can start earning for their blooks by receiving voluntary tips, called “rewards”, or selling subscriptions, whilst always keeping all 100% of the revenue).

For authors it means that they can write a book just like a blog, share it on any device (no need for ebook readers or apps) and start earning while the story is still unfolding (via paid subscriptions or voluntary tips). Our goal is to further explore the possibilities of blooks to become a strong alternative to ebooks.

Here’s an example (hope Proust doesn’t mind):


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