New ePubDirect Platform Offers Data and Analytics on Global Ebook Markets

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ePubDirect Launches new Worldwide eBook Platform

Powerful new analytics tool enables book publishers to grow revenue

November 3, 2014, Cork, Ireland. – ePubDirect, the fastest growing eBook company in the market, have announced the release of their enhanced eBook platform. The new platform, which brings together innovative technology, brand new analytics, and the company’s in-depth knowledge of the eBook marketplace, was released to all current ePubDirect customers today. Now it is dramatically easier for publishers to spot opportunities and optimize their sales performance worldwide.

“The best just got better” said Gareth Cuddy, ePubDirect CEO. “Publishers who want to explore new markets and increase their reach will finally have a clear view of their global digital sales.” ePubDirect offers a suite of crisp analytics dashboards and concise, timely reports that make it easier than ever to stay on top of expanding eBook markets. “The good news today is that many publishers are finding significant sources of new revenue”, added Cuddy, “but until now they haven’t had the data they need, when they need it to make the most of these emerging channels.”

At a time when traditional print markets are flat or in decline, global eBook distribution make it possible for publishers to reach new customers in a growing number of online storefronts around the world. Since 2013, ePubDirect customers experienced on average 12% growth in sales month on month, in stark contrast to an overall flat market. Fast and easy access to sales data is essential to evaluate the effect of promotions, price changes, and improvements in product metadata. Publishing sales managers, marketers, and executive leadership, can all take advantage of advanced analytics to drill down by territory, retailer, or product line to see how their titles are performing at a glance.

The timing of the release will be particularly beneficial for publishers who want to take advantage of the platform’s enhanced capabilities as they seek opportunities to grow their global business in 2015. Michael Bhaskar, Digital Publishing Director at Profile Books, declared “ePubDirect’s analytics system is brilliant. Detailed, powerful and user friendly, it is a best in class product offering real and helpful insights. This is a publishing tool fit for the age of data.”

ePubDirect is committed to promoting the tools and practices to support customers’ business growth. Publishers who want to know more about the key performance indicators that will help them optimize their global sales in 2015 can learn more at

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